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Instructions for Sending Files

Fetcher is secure and places no limits on the size, quantity, or types of files being sent to us. The process works with both Windows and Mac.

File upload appletIt may ask you if you want to run an application named “fileupload.” It is a Java applet that is safe to run. It will allow you to drag and drop files into the Fetcher system. So, if it asks you, please click the “Run” button.

Fetcher FormSimply complete the form with your contact information, date and time due, and the instructions telling us what we are supposed to do. Click the “Browse” button, locate the files on your computer that you want to send us, highlight them, and simply drag and drop them into the window.

Important: please wait until the files finish uploading, then click the “finish” button at the bottom of the page.

It’s easy to use! When we download your files into our system, you will get an automated email message letting you know that we have received them.

Please contact us if you have questions about sending files via Fetcher.

Send Us Your Files

Send us your files via Spinnerdog Fetcher. Our secure and simple to use file transfer tool.

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