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GANCOM®, A division of Gannett Fleming, Inc.

Creative design and print solutions since 1953



Personalization delivers printed materials faster, with lower costs, and with greater marketing impact on your customers. It reduces your print and distribution costs, while saving you time. In addition, it helps you communicate more effectively and profitably with your customers.

Designed specifically for low-run projects, digital printing bypasses many of the stages necessary with traditional printing, yet it still produces images of stunning quality.

Personalization Services/Variable Data Printing

The relevance of, and response to your printed materials are greatly enhanced with variable data printing. In addition, the value of your existing databases will be better realized.

While only one document is designed, text and graphics within the document can be varied to produce many unique documents. Variable elements are set according to your criteria. For example, text and images can be tailored according to each individual recipient’s demographic and purchasing pattern. Or, you can tailor a certain piece to include the name and photo of an appropriate staff contact or branch office for your company.

In summary, personalization goes well beyond ink-jetting names and addresses onto an otherwise finished piece.

Personalization allows for a multitude of changes, depending on your specific needs:

  • Add full-color pictures and other graphics
  • Change foreground or background images
  • Change a single word or entire paragraphs
  • Change the font, format, and color to meet your needs

Static – “One size fits all” – your message is “mass-produced” using conventional processes. Every customer receives the same message.

Personalized – The address database will need some attention, but every customer will still receive the same message.

Versioned/Segmented – Segmented versions of a document are created to meet the needs of different groups. The customer base is segmented, and your content is then delivered to best address the needs of each particular segment.

Fully Customized – This is the ultimate application of direct marketing. The content for each document is fully customized. A full-color document is dynamically composed, and every element in the document can be varied. The layout, text, and images can all be changed, depending on the customer.


We provide exceptional service to our customers because we already have the infrastructure in place to do so, with our graphics and reprographics services departments.

  • Personalization, versioning, customization – reach specific audiences
  • Cost efficient for short production runs
  • Accurate proofing mechanism
  • Color management tools that ensure consistent, accurate color
  • Full management of ICC, CMYK, and RGB profiles

What Our Clients Are Saying...

“I consider GANCOM® a key asset to our business. Their prompt and professional service helps us better serve our clients, and allows us to concentrate on other business functions.”

Gary Papay
CK Business Consultants, Inc.