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GANCOM®, A division of Gannett Fleming, Inc.

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Bindery Services

Cutting Cutting - An important part of the printing process, our bindery professionals will accurately cut and trim your order to the required size to ensure a quality end product.
Scoring Scoring – A process of making a crease in heavier weight paper so it will fold easier. Scoring also helps improve the appearance of a fold to provide a clean, professional looking edge without cracks or buckles.
Perforating Perforating – applying small, separated cuts or holes to paper that allow the sections to be easily torn apart when necessary. Great for coupons, tickets, discount cards, or customer feedback forms.

Drilling - The process of creating round holes in paper using a rotating bit. A standard 3-hole drilling along the left side of the paper is the most common but any hole combination is possible.

Padding Padding - The process of adding an adhesive compound across the edge of a stack of paper to adhere them together. The most common use is for notepads or forms comprised of 50 sheets of paper backed with a hard cardboard backing.

Stitching - Applying a staple to the upper left corner or two on the side of a group of papers to hold them together.


Folding - The process of bending paper in a specific way to create a booklet, brochure, pamphlet or other product. Most printers have equipment to make common folds but hand folding is also available.

Collating Collating - Printed output is assembled as sets in sequential order before binding.
Laminating Laminating - Applying a clear protective coating to the printed material.
Books and Booklets

Book and Booklet Bindery Options

What Our Clients Are Saying...

“I consider GANCOM® a key asset to our business. Their prompt and professional service helps us better serve our clients, and allows us to concentrate on other business functions.”

Gary Papay
CK Business Consultants, Inc.